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Building of a 7- storeyed international hotel

Time (total) : Starting : Oct 2007- Delivery : june 2009
Building owner : Société EDEN
Architect : Jean Claude DUBOIS
Finishing and equipment: CIMELTA

SCB has done the shell of this 170 room hotel in Ankorondrano ; new downtown of Antananarivo. This international hotel will be managed by the ACCOR group with the IBIS trademark. The project planning has a strong imperative : respecting the delivery deadline of june 2009 for the OUA conference. summit.


Building of a 3-storeyed adminstrative building

Time : 14 month – Starting in may 2007
Building owner : BCM
Architect : Cabinet JARY
Finishing and equipment: CIMELTA

The construction in Antsahavola (actual business area of Antananarivo) of this new administrative building follows the demolition of an old one. The 2 560 m² usable surfaces will be occupied by the Central Bank of Madagascar (BCM).

Construction of One-storey industrial buildings

Completion date: from 5 to 8 months
Overall unit surface : from 1.125 to 15.000 m ²
Project superintendent: SCB
Finishing and equipment: CIMELTA
Technical control : VERITAS

From 1999 to 2001, SCB built in Antananarivo 15 one-storey industrial buildings (with storage surface, loading bay, hall of production, office building, medical block.) for an off-work total surface of more than 93.000 m ².

The finished buildings are generally equipped with foundations of reinforced concrete blocks and reinforced concrete paving, a steel skeleton and framework, a composite floor, and faced with breeze blocks and boarding.


Shell of 9-floor Fitaratra business center

Time (shell): 16 month
Building owner: SIMAD
Architect: Jean Claude DUBOIS
Project superintendent: SPACE ENGINEERING
Finishing and equipment: CIMELTA

SCB provided and used nearly 7.250 m ³ of concrete to make the shell of this commercial building located at Ankorondrano, Antananarivo. The 14.450 m ² overall surface building for business use has deep foundations, a pavement, a framework and a reinforced concrete full floor as well as flagstone and curtain wall frontage. LNTPB controlled the concrete and SOCOTEC checked the technical aspect.


Constructing AQUAMAD's 2-floor trade building

Time: 8 months in 2001
Building owner: TRICOMAD
Project superintendent: SCB
Finishing and equipment: CIMELTA

The shell of this building with reinforced concrete paving, steel skeleton and framework, composite floor was carried out by the SCB. It comprises 3.300 m ² storage surface with loading bay, 450 m ² Show room, 900 m ² office buildings as well as medical blocks. The building is located at Anosivavaka, Antananarivo.

Constructing 4-floor apartment blocks at Ivandry

Time: 20 months from 1998 to 2000
Building owner: SIDI
Architect: Jean Claude DUBOIS
Project superintendent: ABITA
Finishing and equipment: CIMELTA

SCB carried out the shell of these seven apartment blocks each of 2.750 m ² overall surface. It required nearly 9.850 m ² of concrete. Located in Ivandry, the buildings have luxury apartments with living room, dining room, kitchen, rooms, bathroom, toilet, Dressing, garage, balcony and terrace.

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A building site at its beginning
Construction of a luxury villa
Some of the fleet
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Crushing a quarry

Certified ISO 9001 : 2015

*Concrete plants & quarries are out of the area of certification.